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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Surprise Cover-Title Reveal; Author Heather Mullins

Title: Chasing Liberty
Series: The Baldoni Files Book 2.5
Author: Heather Mullins
Release Date: October 28, 2017

Nate Brennan grew up the all-American country boy jock with dreams of a family, the white picket fence … hell, even the family dog. All that changed when tragedy struck and threw Nate’s plans off-track, forcing him to walk away from his dream and start over....
Now a medical examiner for Detroit, he spends his days surrounded by death, and he prefers it that way. Wearing his new identity like armor, Nick hides behind it to prevent anyone from getting too close. All that changes when he meets a country girl that rekindles memories of his past.
Liberty ran fast and far from the one-horse town she grew up in, without so much as a goodbye. Finding herself locked in the arms of temptation and succumbing to the worst decisions of her life, she sees no other alternative than to do what she does best ... run.
When Nate and Liberty's paths collide, their impending futures come barreling down on them both. Will the pair have the strength to fight their demons together, or will fear-hardened hearts force them apart?

In Dreams

Renewed Faith

Deep Within

Heather Mullins has always loved to read and has been writing poems and stories since childhood. She truly enjoys doing so much with other indie authors and fully supports this outstanding community. She uses her outgoing opinionated personality to help write and run multiple blogs.
Heather is a full-time student working to get her Bachelors in Human services specializing in substance abuse counseling. She's an Air Force Veteran and enjoyed fighting for her country. 
Heather supports many different groups that help other veterans. 
She is a mother of 3 wonderfully crazy kids and has been married for 15 years. When she isn't playing taxi, she is living vicariously through the lives of characters in any number of books.

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