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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rise of Xosha Scavenger Hunt

Pyre’s breathing was ragged but he understood now what Reaper had meant. He had almost become a snack for the seven by nine foot tall arachnid. The fight was not over though. This was made painfully clear when was loud yelp began to ring out over the howling winds before being silenced just as quickly. His gaze fell to where the yelp had emanated from and he winced. The sand was quickly covering the female wolf, who now lay in two pieces.
Rage filled Pyre from talon to horn. His narrowed gaze fell on the scorpion. With new found energy, he rushed at the arachnid. Reaper and the other three wolves jumped off the creature just as Pyre’s body slammed into it. He jumped back and began to circle the scorpion. He dodged the right pincer, but growled as he felt the left graze off the scales off his right front leg. He took a gamble and when the stinger came at him again, he did not dodge it. He realized the scorpion’s pincers were unable to snap through his scales, perhaps that meant that the stinger could not either.
The sound of metal on metal twanged as the stinger hit the armored scales on Pyre’s back. Quickly, he folded his wings to his back hooking the claws at the tip of each wing together, locking the scorpion’s tail to him. He could smell and hear the arachnid’s poison eating away at the exterior of his scales and knew he had to act fast. He inhaled a deep breath.
Oceanus saw what his foolhardy brother was attempting and swept his wings out to shield the wolves from what was to come.
Pyre gave a smirk to the infuriated, thrashing creature before expelling a stream of fire directly at it. The scorpion began to scream like a lobster tossed in a pot of boiling water. Its writhing grew in intensity and it took everything Pyre had to keep his wings locked around the tail. It seemed as though the scorpion struggled forever before it finally stopped. Cautiously, he brought his tail around his right side and poked the tip of it on the scorpion’s shell.
After a few minutes, he was satisfied the thing was dead, he finally relaxed his hold, releasing his wings from their locked position. The tail slumped to the sand with barely a sound.
Reaper agilely leapt onto Pyre’s back and sucked in a sharp breath before he jumped down. The intake of breath was all Pyre needed to hear. He doubted he would live long enough to see Rose and apologize, let alone return to Caprae.


  1. Thanks for hosting the hunt

  2. Thanks for hosting! You have my last dragon! <3

    1. I am so happy to have your last dragon LOL!

  3. thanks for hosting the dragon hunt!!!!

  4. Thanks for hosting the dragon hunt!!