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Friday, May 6, 2016

Blog Tour for Bellona By:Aoife Marie Sheridan @aoifesheri


Bellona is a young princess who grows up in a world of privilege. A world of servants, banquets, and power. To others, she has everything. But behind the castle walls and locked doors things are very different.
Bellona is a damaged, dark and broken girl. Her mother is her number one tormentor. Her words break Bellona, while her father prefers his fists. Hate grows thick within Bellona and the servants become her toys - ones she can break and replace.
In this harrowing tale, we watch Bellona destroy everything around her, yet Nierra, the man who will become her husband, is the only hope she has. But will he be enough to save her?

Redemption will be sought,
Deaths will be repaid,
And somethings can never be undone.

Step back into Saskia again.

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“Archers,” my mother’s order has me whipping my head around to the men that place arrows into their bows. My mother’s hands grip my shoulders as she swings me back around so I can watch Donum, she moves closer, whispering in my ear, “You will watch him die.”
I scream for him to fly higher as arrows whistle through the air, the first lot miss him and he moves further away. My excitement grows that he will be safe. But the second set whizz towards him, and my heart breaks along with a scream as he falls from the sky, I want to reach him but my mother holds me firmly.
“You go back to the castle and get dressed nicely for dinner with your father and I. We will be severing bird for dinner. Or should I say Donum.” She releases me with a laugh and walks away. I’m not sure what part of me broke, but I’m terrified in case it is my mind.

About the Author:
Aoife Marie Sheridan has loved reading from a very young age, starting off with mills and boon books given to by her grandmother. Her love for romances grew; by the age of 14 she had read hundreds of them. 

Aoife has a passion for writing poetry or in her eyes her journal entries. It was something she did throughout her teens and into her twenties. Aoife won first place for two of her poems and had them published at a young age of just nineteen. 

Aoife's first book Eden Forest (Part one of the Saskia Trilogy) took first place with Writers Got Talent 2013. Aoife continues to write tales of fantasy and romance.

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