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Friday, April 12, 2013

The impact of our words

Rather it be positive or negative, words can impact a person. You ever have a bad day and then see someone make a post or comment, that seems to brighten you day? I have on many occasions had that happen to me. However, on the reverse side, I have also read something that has deeply impacted my spirits as well for the bad.

It’s a sad day when you learn that there are people in this world that want nothing more than to destroy everything that an person is. The sadness comes when you find out there are individuals out there that have the sole purpose of demising others.

They lurk in the shadows, waiting to take down the next person. I often wonder if one day, they or someone they know becomes a victim of words. What will happen when they receive the same actions that they have bestowed on others? Will they hurt? Will they cry themselves to sleep? Will they feel like giving up?

I respect everyone’s opinions. You cannot be forced to love the same things others love. I understand that completely. I do not respect any one who carries such a harmful weapon as their words. We often fight against bullies. Not to mention how hard we have worked to get bullies out of our schools, only to find them to the Internet.

So having said all that, I want to tell you the importance of words to some people. Words sometimes carry people through the hardest of times. Words can elevate the sadness, of watching your child hurt from the pain of Chemo, or watching your child lay there in a coma from a car accident. The world of words can help you escape from a life of problems, tragedy, sadness or loneliness.

So we should always remember the impact of our Words! Just a thought

A note to people: maybe you should look at being attacked as a good thing. Obviously there is something about you that has attracted these people. So think of it as a good thing and continue to go forward. Never retaliate, hold stead fast and believe in yourself and accomplishments. I appreciate you!