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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Story of YATR & FFTR

So as everyone knows, FFTR's is a sister page for YATR!!! Woooohoooo!!! So I thought I would tell you the story of how we came about.


Once upon a time in a land known as  Facebook. There were these two beautiful girls. One was from the US named Derinda, she was in Aussy land on an adventure, one day while riding a kangaroo, all the sudden she smacked into the Goddess of Aussy. She said her name was Jodie O'Brien. 
They started talking about their love for reading. Then had a brilliant idea, Jodie why don't you come over and help me with YATR and we can share this great love with everyone in the land of Facebook. So off they went on this great adventure together, hand in hand.

The lovely girls started and had the greatest time, loving and sharing books with everyone! One day they had a big idea to do an Adopt An Author project. They were over flowed with so many requests, including some from Authors from the more erotic gene. As soon as these Author's contacted us, Jodie's eyes bugged out and drool slipped from her lips. I looked over and saw her jumping up and down singing, I love smutty books. 

The next day Jodie and Derinda seen this lovely maiden walking strange down giveaway trail. She stopped at stared at both of us. Excuse me lovely maiden why are you walking so strange, says Derinda? Oh, I just had a Brazilin, says Bree, the lovely maiden. Jodie and Derinda both GASPED at the same time. Why would you do that, Bree lovely maiden? Because I love to read smutty books and I need to stay in shape hahhahaha. Soon Bree and Jodie talked all day and all night about all the smutty books in the world, Derinda stayed busy eating chocolate and biscuits

Jodie and Bree came of with this art work filled with tons of book boyfriends. They ran over to private message corner and showed Derinda their beautiful art work. Look Look Look screamed Jodie, and Derinda almost spit her bacon right out her mouth. 

Wow, you girls did that fanciness all by yourselves? We did, we did the girls sang, while jumping and giggling. They were singing...we love boys....we love boys....and Jodie, threw in there....we love boys and their toys. Look what else we are doing.....

Bam, then become Fab Fun & Tantalizing Reads. Jodie says, now we will never have to worry about anyone feeling uncomfortable about being involved in one of our wonderful contests.  So off Bree and Jodie started there new beautiful group!!!! 

So now everyday you will find these girls all together, working hard to promote and help everyone! 

Where you can find Jodie: Facebook  FFTR  YATR FFTR Website
Where you can find Bree: Facebook   FFTR  YATR  FFTR website

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