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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet this new Author Ravin Tija Maurice


I'm excited to introduce 
Ravin Tija Maurice


Canadian author Ravin Tija Maurice was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.
She decided when she was six that she wanted to be a writer and has been working her way towards that goal ever since. When she was young she would rework books that she'd read, writing herself in as a character and changing around details of classic stories; she even told her teachers she wanted to be Stephen King when she grew up.  
She studied Novel Writing at George Brown College where she was able to fine tune her craft, learning how to properly shape a novel and about specific genres like mystery and romance.


(Rebirth is a republication of Ravin Tija Maurice's debut novel)

In the space of a blink, everything can change.....

Katrine had only ever had thoughts of a normal life. She would learn the ways of being a woman from her mother Anastasia, so she could be a good wife and mother.
One day, in the fall of 1610 Katrine sent her out into their village in Wallachia to collect some flour, setting into motion a change of events that would turn her world upside down. At the hands of three witches she and her mother would be torn apart and a part of their inner nature would be unleashed, and she would learn that she is the descendant of the famed Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who she would run to for help. Katrine believes that once the Countess knows she has a beautiful young granddaughter she would immediately be accepted, but the Countess's world was about to implode and Katrine would just narrowly avoid being caught in the storm, and Katrine would have to continue to run. But she and her mother inherited many things from the Countess, and Katrine has to learn to control these new urges that could destroy her.
A chance meeting with others like her in Vienna brings Katrine to Paris, where she begins to live among others like her, and others far more frightening. But in this new world of vampires, shapeshifters and spell casters she would find herself, and take her place as a Bathory.

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Now I have a copy of this awesome book to give away to someone. All you have to do is comment below!!!


  1. This sounds really good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds very interesting! Hey D! Hugs!

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