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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review of Compulsion by K.B Miller

**Do not enter this house with anything, but perfect love, and trust in your heart**

First of all let me say the blend of depth, love, secrets and action made this one powerful read. I adored the Moon family and their bond. The Author has such a wonderful way of describing characters, surroundings and circumstances to where you feel you are actually a part of everything. The twist that she pulled on the Vampires is perfection. The main character Lily sadly looses her grandmother in the beginning of the book, leaving her to take over and fulfill her destiny. I want to point out though, as I was reading through this part of the book, I made a note that this Author obviously knows the pain of loosing someone close. I could feel it through her words sending such emotional boom into my heart.

** With my heart beating out of my chest, and all of the air sucked from my lungs I did the only thing I was physically capable of, I stared back. **

As I said I could feel every character of this book. Having read this story through Lily's words makes you actually believe 'you' are her. That is precisely how felt, that I indeed was Lilyann Moon. That's how wonderfully executed this book was done. All the real self-confidence and first love issues of a true young women was in this story. What an amazing job the Author did bringing all these characters alive through one POV amazed me. High praises for this Author. Now lets talk about Mason, holy smokes he will be everyone's new book BF I am sure. What makes me so sure, ummm because he is now on my list LOL. I really enjoyed the way he was brought into this story and let me tell you this, the Author caught off guard when I finally found out who and what he was. I was NOT expecting that discovery at all.

**I am not ready to part with my reason to breath** Mason

So if you love witch tales, vampires and ghost, run and get this great book. It will provided you with romance, action, family love, secrets and mystery. It will make you giggle, fall in love, and have your stake ready for a fight.

**I was driving like I lived in Hazard Country, and my name was Daisy Duke** (I busted out laughing when I read that part.) But of course if you have never seen the Dukes of Hazard, you would never get it!

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