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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Appreciation for Lizzy Ford

Recently as most of you know, Lizzy completely stopped her 'works' as a Author to help me. The was no procrastination, no doubt, just simply love and help. She took Today Only and edited, formatted and seriously walked me step by step to get it published!  For that I will always be profoundly grateful. In between all that, we built a bond of friendship. She allowed me to go from a devoted fan to a friend. How beautiful my life has become with her in it. Lizzy helped me make my dream come true. I searched so hard for a way to help her dream come true. I learned while working with Lizzy that her ultimate dream was to rescue Elephants. Sadly, I can not send Lizzy to Africa anytime soon, because we need books. So I improvised!!
Lizzy when you watch this video, here is what I picture. I picture you out there in the midst of those elephants and by your hand the baby is recused. This as close as I can get you. Thank you Lizzy

So thank you Lizzy, for making a huge unforgettable impact on my Life. I will love you always.
        Love, Derinda

Now it is time for others to show their love and appreciation for you Lizzy!
I want everyone to know how incredibly generous she is, how she truly does adore each and every single fan. She's one of the most hardworking, honest and sincere people I know. I love her for everything she does.
Love Jenn , her devoted PA
I grew up reading historical romances and watching movies and shows about the paranormal. After reading my daughter's Twilight series I searched for more paranormal fiction. My first ebook was Damien's Assassin. I was hooked! I immediately went to Guerillawordfare and searched for more. Lizzy Ford has a very special place in my heart. In addition to being a great writer, she is a great person. I don't know of any author that gives as much love to her fans as Lizzy. She and Jenn have supported me as I learned about Facebook and started my own book review blog. Always there to laugh or share. She has built a great community of fans. I also know she is an incredible worker putting out books much faster than most, but with a high standard of excellence. I love Lizzy!

Love, Lisa Graziano
Lizzy Ford has got to be one of the sweetest most talented authors I have had the pleasure to work with. She is an amazing writer and can turn a book into your whole world till your so immersed you are a part of her books. My favorite so far is the Gods, I read them in three days. She always sees the good the good in everyone and I couldn't imagine my life with out her and her wonderful books.

Love, Leanne Jacobson

How to explain why I love my Lizzy Izzy, is quite easy and difficult. Lizzy took me under her wing, and now I'm her love child. She's so easy to talk to, never swears (well the words don't come out of her mouth just her writing lol.) She keeps my reading addiction going, and she's just an all around great friend and I love her to bits."

Love, Heather Andrews

Well, what can I not say about our dear Lizzy Ford. Lizzy is the sweetest person to talk to and she loves talking to her fans and street team members. I'm part of her street team and she spoils us rotten. I love that I can always message her and ask her a question especially regarding writing since I started my own book with her inspiration. I can't gush enough about what a lovely person Lizzy is inside and out. She is one of my upmost favorite authors. I love that she is there for me if I were to need her to talk to or pray. She is so incredibly special that I don't know if she realizes how much her friends and fans love her for all that she does. Lizzy Ford I love you for being my friend!!! Thank you so much!
Love, Merisha Abbott
Lizzy is such a fanatic writer. You are the only one who can blink a book out typically 2 a month. You make the book slut and cover slut very very happy. As your admin on your street team I am amazed at your actual hands on in all aspects of your writing. You truly care for each and every fan. It is not above you to give someone one of your books if they couldn't afford it. You also are very generous to the Indies community. Whenever a author has a new book released you are first one to offer many many copies even if it is not your own. The giveaways you have are endless. I love that I have had the great opportunity to meet you several times in person and I was able to get a first hand look into the truly wonderful person you are. Thank you so much for everything that you do for myself and each of your fans.
Love, Lisa Markson


Lizzy Ford has become one of my favorite authors for many reasons. The most important is that she personally interacts with all of us fans. No matter what you have to say she either responds or at the very least likes your comment. Then there is how talented she is. Her books grab you and allow your imagination to fall straight into the book. She has never written a book that I have not loved. I just want to say a huge thank to her for all the amazing reads she has given us and for taking the time to speak with us.

Love, Nicole Lundberg-Rogers
Since becoming a part of the awesomeness that is the Indie Community, I have met many amazing Authors. Lizzy Ford is one, that completely blows me away. She sincerely cares about her fans, and fellow Authors. She is always promoting and encouraging those around her. She engages her fans, and despite her incredibly busy schedule, still manages to be involved. She has surrounded herself with an incredible team of people, and together, they make us Lizzy Freaks feel like a family. How she does it all, and still gives us so many amazing reads is beyond me, but I am thrilled. Thank you Lizzy! I am proud to be part of your fan family.
Love, Christina Silcox

First I would like to say I love Lizzy Ford and all her work. I stumbled upon her Book Dark Summer and ever since then I cant stop reading her work. I have never come across an author that loves hearing what her fans think of her work. She is such an awesome person not only does she give by writing such wonderful stories but she also gives her time and awesome gifts to show her readers that she loves and appreciates us as well. If that doesn't make her a special author i don't know what does she is truly an amazing person.

Love, Suearz Lisa Wilson
I would like to take a few moments to honor and thank one of my all time favorite authors, "Lizzy Ford"!
In the beginning of 2012 I ran across a few of Lizzy’s books. I began to read them and found myself genuinely interested and impressed with her work. A short time later, Lizzy released two new books. Financially, I could not immediately afford to purchase them. Lizzy, out of the kindness of her heart, sent me a copy of both to include a few other releases. This was extremely kind of her, unexpected and truly appreciated.
From that moment, I decided that there would not be a book of hers that I did not read nor a book that I would not find a way to purchase.
Lizzy’s books (in my humble opinion) are all very well written. I would have to say that Lizzy is an amazing author. Lizzy’s imagination and ability to create such books absolutely blows my mind. I immediately connect with Lizzy’s books and nearly read each of them in one setting.
I have had the pleasure of interacting with a varying amount of authors online and I can honestly say that Lizzy is one of the sweetest of all. I truly believe that Lizzy appreciates each and every one of her loyal readers. Lizzy is extremely generous and her acts of selflessness should be noted. Lizzy welcomes the opinions of all her readers.
"Lizzy", I am truly grateful for all that you have done for me and the books that you produce. Keep up the great work. You have truly become an inspiration to me, as I have found myself desiring to write too. Thank you so much.
Love, Amy Chris
Now its your time to show appreciation! Please feel free to make comments below to tell Lizzy how she has impacted and/or brought joy in your life. Or if you just simply want to say you love Lizzy!
There is no greater impact then words of LOVE!


  1. Wow, Derinda. Thank you so much for the beautiful post! :-) You made my weekend ... week ... year!!!!! To Jenn, Lisa M, Lisa G, Leanne, Nicole, Merisha, Suarez, Amy, Heather, and Christina - I couldn't do what I do without you all. Thank you for taking the time to write something so sweet. :-) I love you all!!!

    Lizzy :-D

    1. So happy you enjoyed it Lizzy. you deserve so much more just for being the person you are!! Loving you has been a great joy!

  2. Lizzy is such a amazing author and person. Glad to be part if her team.

    1. Thank you so much for your amazing help getting this together Lisa! You are a great gift to everyone!

  3. What a beautiful post. I am a new Lizzy fan. Dark Summer is my first read and I really loved it. I am looking forward to reading more. Hugs!

  4. A beautiful post for someone wonderful, from someone wonderful! <3

  5. The War of Gods books were my gateway drug into Lizzyland and I'm so glad they were! I got ensnared by her books but then easily got caught by the net that is Lizzy's awesomeness shortly afterward. She's so generous to her fans and always willing to help out when she can. She took a chance on me and I will never forget it. Her great books and the great person she is will keep me a loyal fan for life. Thanks Lizzy!

  6. I found Lizzy on Wattpad and since then followed her everywhere, she has gotten me back into the flow of reading, my interests have widen because of her. She is truly a gifted writer with the ability to expand my imagination, to put me and pull me into her books and feel what the characters are feeling.
    Thanks Lizzy for bringing back the joy of reading into my life.