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Friday, June 14, 2013

Review of The Ninth Taghairm: Redemption (Taghairm Chronicles, # 1) by: Pyxi Rose

The Ninth Taghairm: Redemption (Taghairm Chronicles, # 1)  by: Pyxi Rose
I am honestly really speechless and in dire need of finding the proper words to explain what I just read. WHAT a completely astounding read. I have no idea where to go with this review. But I can tell you this, you have to read this book. This book is like NONE I have ever read. Sadly I know this review will not do this book justice. But having said that, it should tell you everything you need to know!

I really am blown away seriously. I have NEVER read such a powerful overwhelming story like this. It touched me in a level I didn't know I had. WOW!!! The Author has a unique way of writing that almost brings this scary but mysterious feeling to you. Her twist on mythical aspects is wonderful. I almost got a creepy feeling as I was reading this, if that makes any sense. Like this Author has a very dark side to her.

Power characters with intense description of details. Like I said eerie but in a profound way of making you loose sense everything around you. One thing for sure, it is undeniable how remarkably this Author took this very complex story and made it flow so beautifully. From the opening to the closing this book, I was very captivated and most intrigued. She has wrapped love, endurance, heartache, and betrayal and made a masterpiece. Let me not forget to add a forbidden love but not in a normal boring way. You read about paying for your choices by reaping the consequences. If you want a read that provides you with a challenge, yet different from the norm, and shaking you to the core of your body, read this book.

The only way I really can sum of this review is to use the word POWERFUL. I am just speechless honestly!
Even though the story leaves you with a sense of completion, there is enough evidence to know that there will be more to this series.

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