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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Autumn Storm (Witchling Trilogy #2) by Lizzy Ford

The cover resembles the book, AWESOME

First I want to tell you to go grab "Summer Night" (book 1.5 of the Witchling Trilogy), before you read this book. It will answer any question you have, as well as blending the three books together. It starts off at the end of the first book and ends where book two starts. It is a fast read but you will put it down feeling full of knowledge and ready to conquer your deep craving for Autumn Storm.

Lizzy Ford is a spectacular writer! She hits on every want, need and desire a true reader expects to have when picking out a book. The writing and story telling of Lizzy Ford is awesome. Once again another Author that confounds me, as to how her imagination can produce such a story. I will tell you right now Ford will provide you with all your expectations. Probably adding some you didn't even realize you had. What did I already mention that? Well I am saying it again!

I am so ultimately impressed with Autumn, the main character of this book, and how the Author built such a great force of strength with her. Autumn is not your typical beauty at all, in fact she is scarred and marred from all ends. For me, she made this book, she will not accept self pity. The actual strength of her personality, the endurance she accepts daily to recover, as well as the positive believes she has brought a little reinforcement back to me.

I want to give you a little glimpse into book but not give away any juicy details. Yes, before you have a heart attack the Twins are back. Beck is still sweet, kind and loving. Still learning about the new title he has. Where as Decker my gorgeous Decker is fury on wheels. We still have old enemies as well as the yeti Sam. I am sorry but I love Sam. Perfect addition to this series. You are returned back to the school. But now are brought new obstacles, trials, and tribulations you will be sent through. We have some huge secrets, that only limited people know about. Which gave me antz in my pantz wanting to spill the beans. The whole time thinking “someone” would realize, who “someone” really was....nope not happening!

Now what I have to say is this. Up until 6 months ago, I had no idea who Lizzy Ford was. Tsk Tsk Now I am her official stalker. Do not miss out like I did. You will positively LOVE and DEVOUR these books. Then you will turn around and start begging your friends to read the books too!!!

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  1. This was a great follow up from the first book. It is cohesive and tells about the unfinished question from the first one. Over all, it was a great follow up book! :)