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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Knotted Roots: by Ruthi Kight

I absolutely loved this book! This book is full of endearing moments, great laughs and most of all some wonderful lesson's on life. Once you open it up and start reading the first page, you find yourself reading the last page. Ruthi Kight has did it people. She has given us a wonderful book full of magic, without having any magic involved :)

Roxie, a very spoiled brat from the city has to go spend a summer on a farm with her grandmother. I must tell you though, she has never even met this grandmother. Rut Roh! Before up rooting however, she is hit with heartaches from her parents and friends. Kight has gave us beautiful description and flawless flow of story line. The only thing I will tell you for sure, is I wanted to choke Roxie over and over but loved her. Loved Grandma, and adored Chase! The Author even went close to the boarder of making me blush! The banter between Roxie and Chase was perfect, edgy and kept me wanting so much more. Chase, even with turmoil of his own was a wonderful loving character. Another thing I adored about this Author, was the description of details. I so want to live on the farm. We all know how I LOVE cowboys!!!!! Someone grab me a pitchfork PLEASE

Now ask yourself this, Can you replace name brand clothes and handbags with coveralls and still be happy? What about trading your expensive heals for crapper boots? Will the smell of cow manure be better then city air? The important question is, does Roxie stay or go? Does she choose to stay with her Grandma and Chase? Or does she return to her city life. Did I mention a tragic sadness that hits Roxie. Well then I guess you know what to do...READ THIS BOOK

A beautifully written love story with emotions, trials and tons of wisdom. A book about hope and promise if you can change the way of life as you know it. A starvation for love. Well done Ruthi Kight, please tell me there is another.

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