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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sacred Angels by Helena Zane

When I open this book, immediately I was in a battle. So, here I was sucked in before I had a chance think about it. There was no way I could stop reading after going through this journey to get baby Helena to safety. Ever heard how curiosity killed that cat. Well hello!! Just call me Derinda the CC! Had to know why and what was so important about this baby. So in my opinion, great job to the Author, for compelling me to want to keep reading.

By the time I got her too safety....ooops I mean Aristocles got her to safety. The need to go further, already starting pumping through me. So off I went and was slammed into a different world. Using Earth, Shanora Williams provides you with a feeling that you are in a world with different Realms. Very different take on normalcy. The Angels are your typical Angel with wings, beauty. However their world is definitely different. But even though, she (Author) uses clouds as sources or devices. Shanora Williams, has a gifted talent to make you believe that this normal, and who are you to second guess.

Now, throw in mortals, the “Evil Ones”, and 2 very HOT guys. OMG I almost forgot Medusa, yes snakes and all. The Greek Gods Myth! You are now in a magical story!

I give this Author, great props for her very first book. Very nicely done Ms. Williams. I stumble on her book by accident. But have no regrets.

My personal suggestion to you, is everyone grab a copy. Read it review it. Help her out with flaws or suggestions. Let’s work to get Shanora Williams out there to everyone. Because I believe she has real talent, to be a wonderful Author! Who knows, you might just find that we have another Hottie on the market, ARION. With his sexy gloved hands and all!

P.S And Definitely find a beautiful cover for this book!

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