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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Phoenix Burning By Lisa Morgan

I wish to make a challenge of everyone! If we can get a 100 reviews for this book, I will personally do a random drawing for $100 GC!!!

This book was sensational! There is not enough stars labeled for this book seriously. I started with the word “I” and did not stop and until I got to the word “you”. Lisa Morgan has totally and utterly swept me away in her wonderful Realm. Maggie Henning and the Realm, thus far has been tremendously fascinating, and exceptional!

The Author has outdone herself with creating these characters. Building this world that has totally sucked me in and refuses to let me go. Praise for you Lisa Morgan! This is one of the series where you contemplate, how will you ever be able to find a well deserved series to match. This by a far leap will be in my top 3, of all times favorites. If I had my way everyone would absolutely stop what they are reading and move to this!

We pick up where the story left off. Maggie, being last Phoenix, is now on a mission to save Michel. Set off on this mission with her, is Luc (my new husband). Oh my WORD is all I can say! Throughout this book Maggie is faced with more fights, battles, and struggles. She learns the most egregious truth about people in her life. The Author, leaves us pieces of the puzzle through the books entirety to help us out. All the prior characters are still in this book, fabulous as ever. Though this books seem to mainly focus alot on Maggie and Luc (which I love) It also brings in new characters. Everything and everyone just blends together like a smooth Chocolate milkshake. This book is definitely one that will make you say, no don't do it Maggie, wait stop there, no do not hold back, kiss him, take your clothes off, watch out, OMG MY STOVE IS ON FIRE!!! Yes, be sure you are not cooking or babysitting your grandkids while trying to attempt to read this series. This is a book that will definitely, pull on your heart!!! ie: the bathtub scene. Do you have the same emotioning wrench as I did on my heart? That is another wonderful aspect about this Author. She really knows how to push emotion into her words.

Do not make the mistake of reading this review and place the book on your TBR. I say read it. I love this series so much, I would never eat a butterfinger again if I could get my hands on the next book!!!! That is summary of my feelings right there!!!! Giving up a butterfinger for a book... Shaking my head!!!!

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