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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Echo of an earth Angel by Sarah M. Ross

My favotire part of this book, is how Sarah Ross has intertwined love and self-sacrifice and friendship. The friendship of Morgan and Tessa is amazing. Morgan, stays with her best friend, while she was in a coma for a year. After Tessa came out of the coma, Morgan than moves in with her. You learn of Tessa's Tragic day, that lead up to her being in a coma. You will learn about David and how his endearing love for tessa is so great, that he will be willing to give up everything to keep her safe. How and why he was with her from the moment she got hurt (trying not to give to much away)!

This book is such a beautiful, sweet and a little sad story. There is no way you can not like it!

I love how Sarah Ross, has made these Characters, be normal teenagers with behavior, speech and actions. Morgan being funny and witty. While Tessa being reserve and timid, but shows strength and intelligence. Which in turned made this story more enticing and believable! Sure their were a few unbelievable things (like the Ezekiel and her access to the train accident). However, that is what puts the twist and turns of this story together.

I really enjoyed this book and I am looking very forward to reading more!

What I didnt like about this book. The way it ENDED!!!! Shame on you Sarah Ross, for putting me through that turmoil! I had to eat a whole bag of butterfinger bites to take the edgy off! What a cliffhanger.

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