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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Second Sight By HK Savage

Attention for mature audience only :)

YIKES!!!!!!!!!There is only one thing better than Chocolate. A man in a uniform! Now add to that uniform, some fangs, good looks, muscles and heart of warmth. What does all that add up too? There is a new Book YUMMY in town!!!!! Do not be like my daughter and call me up telling me "mom didn't you mean yummy book"? No I did NOT. And if you do not understand my meaning then you are too young to be reading this book! (Wink Wink)

Heather Savage, is flippin brilliant. I love her writing, she has wrote another book that has completely compelled me to put her in my top A list!!! It is not just because I wanted to strip naked and jump in the book to salute Captain Yummy. This is simply a awesome READ!!!

As a rule, I do not tell details about a book. I truthfully think if a book is good enough it will show through the review. However since this book is not released yet, let me give you a small glimpse of it.

Becca is in the military. Trying hard to fight through always having premonition dreams of the future. She is bound to keep her secret hidden. Which proves to be a very lonely life. In fear that if anyone gets close to her they will find out her secret, and think she is crazy. Except for a on and off boyfriend, that she keeps at a distance. And a partner she works with daily, that later you might find out is something more than she realizes. While working Becca has a bad premonition of her somewhat boyfriend. So after work Becca goes to take a run to see if it will help clear her mind. What she doesn't know is this run is what will change her life forever. Half way through her normal running routine, she runs into.....tisk tisk....I cannot tell you. After a trigger that reminds her of her premonition dream. She passes out, only to wake up in the hospital on her base. Slowly recovering from her “accident” the next day, in walks a Captain Rossi, to inform her that she is leaving with him, due to a reassignment. Her commander will now be Admiral Black. Trust me when I say Rot Roh!!!! Now, the least of Becca’s worries are going to be her special ability. She is now with a new small unit, working hard to try and save a complete race. Guns a blazin from there. So get your kindle charged, because you will be ripping mad if you have to stop reading this book.

I say this book is one of the more believable versions of a world with supernaturals in it, that I have ever read. Let me tell you right now people. If you love a great book with supernaturals, stronger characters, action and suspense. Or as I said before, if you want a book, that will make you want to strip naked and jump in the book to salute Captain Yummy! Get this book as soon as it is released in Nov!!!

I am straining to be able to wait for the next book!!!

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