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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Embrace (Gryphon Series #2) by Stacey Rourke

Let me start off by screaming "ROURKE how could you?! I really hope book 3 is coming out today. If not, after that ending I might feel compelled to throw eggs at your house." Just saying LOL!

Stacey Rourke has yet again, spun another wonderful book. Full of sarcasm, humor and adventures in each chapter. You even have some purring going on. This book was certainly a page turner. I am sure that people thought I was a bit “loca” if you will. I would be quietly reading and all the sudden burst out laughing, eye rolling and/or snorting. Yes, I looked like a giant retard. The funny thing was I didn't even care. I was simply relishing in my read.

I am completely baffled when I come across books like this! There is no reason why this book should not be in the hands of every YA, as well as OA. I myself literally enjoying this story. I can not enumerate how many times I have read reviews, that will offer one star to a book, not because it wasn't a great story, but the placement of a coma or spelling etc. Come on people!

Celeste, Gabe, and Kendall once again were awesome! Grams is now the official cheerleader for the supernaturals. And, we have a completely yummy Caleb in the mix! Holy HOT plate. Caleb, I will not be able to elaborate about him without ruining the story. I can say you will be utterly satisfied. We can talk about Rowan. I almost believe Rowan will play a big part in future books. I foresee a love triangle getting ready to transpire. I could be wrong, however I believe he will have a big role in the upcoming books! Stacey Rourke has once again spun another great book.

I would like to add, this book is only $2.99 on Amazon, which completely amazes me. Buy Stacey Rourke’s book & fall in love with her writing which is totally deserving. This is a book basket one for sure!

Please take a chance on this Author. I think you will be glad you did.

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