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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dark Summer by Lizzy Ford

Pffft simple OMG!!!

I was so captivated by this book, I went online to see when the next one is coming out. End of 2012...yay for me, because the end is almost here (hope the Author get that's hint) Anyhoo, while I was online I was excited to read how everyone else loved this book too. Maybe even see if they had predictions on the next book. I was completely baffled that a "couple" were actually taking away stars because the book ended in a serious cliffhanger. So you know my first thoughts! HA YOU GUYS LOVED IT TOO!!!!! Here's why! -1 star for cliffhanger + angry = soul sucking captivating book. Have no fear people, because I will be the first to drive over and start throwing eggs at the Author's house, when they write these AMAZING books and leave me hanging....ask Stacey Rourke & Lisa Morgan, if you do not believe me. So I say throw eggs, not take away stars over cliffhangers.

What's this great book about. Witches some good, some bad, and some ugly! Oh yes Sasquatch is real people! Summer is now set in her new school and making new friends. Also she has a new pet. This book has the good boy and a bad everyone will be pleased. The character's are so exceptional that you actually feel like you want to whoop Dawn's butt. Beck who is the Master of Light and Decker Master of Fire and Night makes you want to let just say melt. I am so team Decker . You also get a little action, if you know what I mean. Jodie will love that. Seriously, if you love to be pulled in and sucked dry by a captivating story. One that plays with your heart strings and at the same time making you feel so angry you think your going to turn purple. Right up till the very end, where you feel like the Author knocks the breath out of you. Read this book. This story will compel you so much, one minute you will be in the woods and the next step you will be following rose pedals to the bedroom, doing the sookie sookie dance!

Hey Lizzy Ford can you see me.....well if not here is what I am doing....pointer finger and middle finger pointing at my pointing at back to me....and then back to you...I am watching you!!!!! 52 days left till the end of 2012....Just saying!!!

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