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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Betwixt by Melissa Pearl

Dual Review from Derinda & Jodie

This book was so sensitive and so beautiful at the same time. Jodie and I wanted to offer you a review together.

Against bullies. This is what first entered my mind! I fully believe this should be in the hands of everyone. We totally agree that Melissa Pearl is simply brilliant and creative.The compassion and emotion shows through her writing throughout this entire book!

Derinda, I personally think Betwixt is a fantastic, sweet and endearing tale of mean girls, friendship and a family ripped apart by heartache. It’s about overcoming what you think you deserve and making changes to become the person deserving. I thoroughly adored this story and think everyone should have a copy. It made me cry my eyes out and other times grinning like a fool. It is sad to see how being bullied can actually leave so many emotional scars!

I agree Jodie, Melissa gave us a book that as soon as you start reading it, you learn that Nicole and her friends are the worst bullies! Poor Dale, everyone is so busy being mean to him. Not too mention calling him scarface. You are slammed with a tragic accident. Nicole, is struck by a car. She leaves her body, and finds herself walking around alone and not being able to communicate with anyone. Watching all of her so called friends degrade her and say she ran away. Her family thinking the same. She has to find her body before it is too late! She has no one! UNTIL she runs into Scareface. Yes, the one person she bullied the most is the only person to help her. The things that Nicole learns, she has a hard time believing it. But what was most hurtful for her, was her parents.

Derinda, were you surprised to see who was the one who hit her? I was like what the ****. And then did you see what the person wanted to do to cover themselves? I could not believe it. I was so devastated to learn the facts of what changed her, and turned her into the girl she had become. How freakin sad. Did it make you cry?Mercy I was sobbing like my son, when I take his candy away. This book is not only a great read, it is also a great lesson. This book was a lovely read and had me clinging to the edge of my chair with one hand and my kindle with the other. I needed to know if they would make it in time. I needed to know if Nicole would survive the hit and run that placed her between the living and the dead, and I needed to know the secret she felt so strongly about that turned her life and lifestyle around 360’ into a rebellious party girl that cared about no-one and that made her feel she deserved the same.

Wait Wait Jodie, were you happy about the connection??? I don't want to blurt it out, because everyone needs to read it. But I was happy what ended up for Dale....what about you?

Yes, Derinda I was so thrilled by that. This book is fantastic and I agree Derinda, everyone should read it!!!!

I urge you to read this. You will want to buy one of these books and send it to every bully in the world. It should be on the top 5 on Amazon!!!

“Sometimes we just have to accept the fact we can’t explain everything. Life happens, whether we want it to or not and we don’t always have a reason why. Our job is to try and make some good come out of it.”

Kudos to you Ms Pearl. It was amazing

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