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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gabriel's Hope by Lizzy Ford

Let me start off by saying sqeeeek Lizzy Ford I love you!!! This book I just finish was perfect!!!! It flowed so well with the Rhyn Trilogy, I can not even explain it. So many times “spin off’s” are often hard to comprehend or follow at first but not this one. This was absolutely designed precisely to go with the Rhyn Trilogy perfectly!

I remember when I first seen this cover, the first thing that came to mind and out my mouth was I so desperately want to polish his "Scythe" with my (looks around and whispers) tongue. But people right now I would like to polish a lot more then just his "Scythe" if you know what mean :) If you didn't love him in the Rhyn Trilogy, you will definitely love him now....who knows you might even lust him...*wink* Once again we are filled with secrets, love, action and discoveries. Oh YES and surprises....wait till you read who is in this book. The way Lizzy Ford utilizes the past, present and future by twisting and turning them to make a story full of events with a magical explanation for everything. Did I mention that I am enthralled with Fords books hahahhaa!!!

One thing I did notice in this book, that it flowed flawlessly. The words were blended with such a wonderful smoothness, you were at the end of the book before you realized it. I love how she continually keeps Rhyn and Katie in the story. Well in fact she keeps all the same characters in this book. Adding big surprises throughout the book that you will flip your wig over! Did I already mention how yummy Gabriel was in this book Or the fact that I am totally aching to read more about him ♥ As always Ford also throws in her teeth clenching endings, that makes you want to strangle her. I simply adore Lizzy Ford and her amazing story telling. I will be a dedicated follower till the end of her journey as an Author, putting her books on my first to buy list, first on my read list!!!

So if you want amazing, gripping, powerful, suck the life out of you READS, buy her books!

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