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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Rhyn Trilogy by Lizzy Ford

I have said that books they draw my emotions are good, this was excellent! The complexity of the characters are astounding. Ms.Ford has brought us a story of 7 immortals, 1000 year old baby angel, and our dear Katie. Now throw in death and her assassin and we have a story! All of this pales in comparison to the nasty vile Sasha! What a wonderful series she has created for us.

Who could imagine that getting pulled over by the cops could have started on this path. When the everyday meets Magic and Katie's life changes in the blink of an eye. All at once she is thrown into a life where she is a mother of a 5 years old and no idea how that has happen. Yes you read that correctly.. blink and clear your eyes. She has a child, that everyone in her life knows about but her. WTC!!! You figure that out. Katie begins to fall in a spiral that she will soon find herself trapped in Hell. Oh MY! WAIT I need to tell you, Toby which is Katie's 5 year old son just happens to be besties with Death's Assassin Gabe. Keeping up with me? Are you dying here .. Trust me! Keep reading:-) This is all part of the intriguing journey that's filled with confusion, drama and monsters. Katie she faces all these bizarre changes in her life, will eventually meet some people only dreams create. Torture and horrible things. all of this and then she will meet Rhyn.

This series is going to take you for a ride that you have never been on before. Characters you will love and hate .. Torture and I cannot even begin to do this justice.

So my advice, is not to sit in the world you feel comfortable in, but jump into Katie's world and live through her. Your enjoyment will be so much better. Have patience with this amazing story. The 1000 questions that you will form, will all be answered in time. Also a note to readers, Lizzy Ford has given us one more fantastic bit, she is continuing The Rhyn series. YAY So just when you think you will get no more of what you desire most BAM she writes Gabriel's Hope.

I do not know if you seen the cover but man you will want to polish his scythe with your....ummmm your towel....yes that would be the right thing to say. LOL. Listen to me, read it and you will not regret it.

I want to add a special thanks to Bree Foster-High

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