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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Phoenix Rising by Lisa C. Morgan

This is one Outstanding Paranormal Fantasy book! I delayed reading this and I have no idea why. Maybe it was the cover? Whenever I glanced at it, I would think "yea" probably not my type! PEOPLE hear me roar. RAWWWWWWWWW. This book is so me! I freaking loved it.

I was a little stunned by the way she used the creation of vampires, but only because religion is such a hard thing to throw into a book (that's just personal reasoning). However, the author did not go over board with it, so it worked. This book started with a punch and ended with a punch. How creative this Authors mind is. For instance, The rose garden. (*hold on, I need to wipe a tear*). It was one of the most touching things I have EVER read in a book. Freakin fantastic Lisa! I would of never imagined such an idea.

This book has a beautiful love story, this book had action, this book had mayhem, this book had crushing sadness, this book had vampires, "A" werewolf, and this book had witches and fairies. It totally had it all! This Author has used her words to make everything very visual, making the Realm sound fascinating and full of fear. If that makes any sense?

Maggie, the final Phoenix, was 16, all means of the age. However, you find yourself enduring every bit of her emotion. I laughed at her and with her. I was seriously pushing my kindle trying to help encourage her to keep going. "You can do it Maggie" says me. Even when she didn't have confidence that she was able to do it, the story brought Michel or Luc to her to provide strength. Finally she reached inside grabbing all the bravery she needed.

She finds the most sweetest, innocent love. A little girl growing up with no friends or family really, turns out having great friends and family. Oh yes, Maggie's dad is in the mental hospital. Forgot to throw that in there.

There is no way you can read this book and not fall in love with all the characters. Two brothers, Michel and Luc, they have such vastly different personalities, beliefs, and over all demeanor's. You also have Reventants and Ossa, they were evil and ugly LOL.

At one point in this book, I had real tears, bawling like a baby, snot at all! You think I am nuts, yea yea I can hear it now, Derinda it is just a book, but I want you to look at this;

'Why roses? Because the earth wishes to reminds us. Remind us of what? That even with loss, loves endures. Why does it have to hurt? Even the most beautiful of roses have thorns.'

Now PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT! And that is only a fragment of it people!

Lisa Morgan you rock socks baby!!!! Cant wait to have you on the page!!!

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