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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blindsighted Wanderer by E.C. Hibbs

The year 2018 Daughter: I have a book report due for class. Mom: Oh really, on what book? Daughter: Blindsighted Wanderer by: E.C. Hibbs Nana: Sitting in the background cheesing big, because she one of the first to ever read it!

This is, most certainly the way I see this book going, IF it falls into the “right” hands.

Have you ever been so captivated by a beautiful painting. Where you can actually visualize what was happening in it? With this book, it is the same way. Captivating, visual reality, inspiring and complex all at the sometime. This Author is so talented. She has obviously did her research and studied in depth to make this book a complete success.

Remember in the old times when family of many generations had the same rivals? Have you ever been to a Renaissance fair? Collaborate the two, then add in a little mythology. Fluently, this Author creates a world of beauty, curses, grudges romance and family. This book is filled with passion for life. Boys transforming into great men. Facing your fears and learning to accept what is unacceptable! That love and betrayal can leave scars. On one side of the wall. You have families and livestock, commuting through everyday life. On the other side of the wall you have demons, or wait are they really demons? This book teaches us that because of one incident, life can be a domino effect. You should not hold a grudge for one person. Because that one person will turn into generations of grudges. Without forgiveness or letting go or setting yourself free, you may learn that you can not focus or evolve to your next role.

As I said before, right now young adults are doing book reports on Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and now I believe Blindsighted Wanderer by E.C. Hibbs will be add to the list!

Well done E.C Hibbs on creating a masterpiece!

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