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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae

Sometimes when you pick through a pile of uncertainties you find a treasure. Every now and then, you find a beautiful cover on a book, secretly hoping the inside holds the promise of the beauty you see. This book made me realize why I love books and why reading ignites a passion in me!

This book made me fall in love with reading again..words written with flawless perfection page after page. I loved the characters she gives us. Her book is like a great recipe. Everything is perfectly measured out. You do not get too much or too little. Just perfect!

Next year when I am announcing my 2013 favorites, this book will definitely be on that list. Thank you Cameo for bringing me out of my readers block.

Emma loses everything, everything she loves is gone. She is swept away to Alaska to stay with her Aunt. Once she is there, she finds herself surrounded by hotties. You will love Emma! She may have lost so much. However she is soon to gain a lot more. As in the sweet lovable Kade, Emma's escort. We also have the hot Guardians Alex, Malachi, Thomas, James and Dom... swoon. Yes I said swoon! Sadly we will come across darklings and angels. Good and bad! (No religious debates here peeps) This book is only contains a wonderful and brilliant story. We have romance and bonding. Then next add the action...humor and excitement. It has everything you need. This will be a book that every YA and MA will be reading and sharing with friends. My advice read this book, today... Now. It's a fabulously beautiful story that I assure you just happens to be worth getting lost in. Thank you Cameo... You have broken my readers block within your beautiful pages.

The only thing I had a hard time with is the ending!!! Only because I was so engrossed, I did NOT want it to end. Get ready Cameo Renae, because I will be following you around like a little lost puppy till you produce the next book!

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