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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Body & Soul By Jamie Loeak

First of all, I would love for everyone to fall in love with the cover the way I did. The cover reminds me so much of this book. Stunning, clarity, with a certain beauty in the dept of it.

This book is about demons. Looking for the "one" who will help them live forever, without having to continue to change bodies. We have our main character Kate. Her mother is a marine biologist and her father is a lawyer. Because of her mother's job, they have to move. Bringing Kate to the beach life. This is where a series of events start to happen. Like meeting Rico and Adriana. Kate and Adriana eventually become good friends. Kate and Rico start forming a deep complicated bond. Further we go in the story, the more characters we meet, and more action and intensity we will feel. Just to throw someone a bone, I did not like Erik. No way No Sir!!!

Jaime Loeak, definitely does a great job at holding secrets, building great mystery, and spinning events that will knock your socks off. Do not try to read this book and think you have everything figured out. Because I will assure you, you do NOT!

The Author also slams you with heartache. Pushing readers to the maximum limit. This book starts out a little slow, but when it starts building up. It blows up with a big blast! I absolutely loved Donovan. You see for yourself how wonderful his character plays out when you read this book. By all means come back and share with me. This is a great first book for Jaime Loeak, she should be dancing right now with happiness!!!! Because she was able to twist my mind!!!

This book will blow your mind, when some questions get answered. Some of the events that happen, will even leave you shocked and breathless. This is a great book for all Young Adults. If you are a lover of books filled with action, mystery, tragedy, suspense and romance this is a great book for you. I am looking forward to seeing how everything is brought to us by this Author in the next book.

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