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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ella & Micha by Jessica Sorensen

***Mature Content: Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.***

If you loved Pushing the limits! You will love this!!!

For her first Adult contemporary romance, Jessica Sorensen knocked it off the block! I love the way she totally rocked this story.

I love the way Jessica wrote this story, she totally took a couple of complex lives and wrote a story of simplicity! Ella and Micha, live across the street from each other & have done their entire lives. They were each others bandaid for the problems that occur in their life. They are such a great combination together. From the hurting to the heeling that Ella and Micha endured, and their faithfulness to each other is astonishing. I felt the characters were so real, I could drive to the other side of my town and see them standing on the curb together. Ella’s coping is different then Micha. Ella tries to change herself, hoping it will define her to be a different person. She runs away to college. Without a whimper of a goodbye to anyone. But after 8 months, she's home again. Micha, stays steadfast and strong. Searching for Ella. Without progress. Until Ella and her roommate Lila pulled up in her childhood driveway. Another great character that pulled into this was Lila. Coming from a rich family and now ending up spending the summer with Ella in the “hood” per say. She adjusts well and gives the book a great balance. Ethan, shows us that though you choose the wrong path, no matter how young, if you are determined you can change it! My favorite part is we start off knowing the image of these teenagers. However, through the story, the author slowly peels away the “image” and let’s us see the person.

You will learn all their secrets throughout the book, from different perspectives, you will relive their lives and their journeys, through the flashbacks of each one of them.

I thoroughly enjoy how the author showed us a taste of their world filled with problems, detachment and tragedies. But in the end there was a wonderful solace, mending and hope together.

This story teaches us, that although there is a lot of diversity in the world. We all have hearts. We all have stories.

Just over all great Author!!!!

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— with Jessica Young Sorensen.

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