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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal #1) by Nichole Chase

I wasn't going review this book until I was actually finished with her trilogy. However, my kindle died *snort*. So I thought I would jump online and find out who the heck this Mrs. Nichole Chase is. She totally throw me off balance.

The originality and spark this book has literally enthralled me! Reading it to me was better than having extra butter on my baked potato. It was in all aspects wonderful. This book has mystery, it's a thriller, and it has romance. Everything you want to read about in a book.

(Let me try to get this out in correct words.) Have you ever read a book where you can feel the intensity of it? Sometimes the words make such a impact you forget you are reading and feel like you are seeing it all? Well this is what I was feeling when I was reading it.

Wait I know, the simplicity of this book, was what made it excellent. By simplicity I mean this was a easy and great read. This was by all means a vampire book, but wasn't just a vampire book. This book was very intriguing.

So here is what I didn't like. I didn't like that I went to look at reviews and found that someone gave this book a 1 star. Do you know why???? Because, Ree (main character) falls for her brothers best friend. And said reviewer does not like the kinds of books that contain sister falling for brothers best friend. WTC. I was so livid when I saw this. This ladies and gentlemen is why we have YATR.

So I am asking everyone to read this book & review it. Let's get that 1 star down to the bottom where it belongs *snickers*.

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