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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exalted By Ella James

A complete four course meal with this series!!!!

Ella James, just gave us all a "White Light Special"

The Author ended this series with a flippin BANG! May I suggest when you start to read this book. You make sure you are completely emptied of all responsibilities. Or you will find yourself wondering what the H-E-double-L is going on. The scenes are flipped from one perspective to another. This book is filled with so much intense action. You almost feel like your heart or kindle is going to catch fire. So it is important to have actual time to read and concentrate, because you do NOT want to MISS anything.

Where you left off with Cayne being taking away in Chosen. This book picks up from precisely where he wound up. You will be shaking once you find out where he is at. However, when you find out who his daddy is, that is when you will want to pee your pants!

Now think about Julia, and who has introduced himself to her, as her daddy! Let me say, we should definitely call him "Daddy Dearest" instead of wire hangers, he uses white light. Holy smokes. Poor Julia, still having no clue who she can trust and who she can not trust. Truthfully as a reader, I had no clue either. The Author has a way of making it feel like Julia has been betrayed. Then twisting the situation around to be for Julia's benefit. If that makes any sense! I guess the best way to understand what I am talking about, would be to read this book!!!

In this book we have all the same characters and still loving them. What did you say Nathan, you made a mistake???? Rut Roh!!!!! Adam, you're did what....WTC....!!! We have more Authorities and Demons join in. Can anyone say they didn't enjoy Lille or Noelle. Because I certainly did!!! At last we get introduced to the Adversary and Methuselah. I will not even begin to tell you about these two. This is a must read series!

So to sum this review up. You will experience passion, intense action, you will have giggles (pink wings). Your heart will feel like it is about to explode. You will even shed tears. Which I totally was thrown for a loop with the whole "Meredith" thing. Still contemplating on PM'ing the Author on that one! Luckily she made up for it by giving us a great piece of closure, with a glimpse into Cayne and Julia's future. So in love with her for that!!!!

**I hate that I can't promise you anything** Cayne

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  1. I absolutely loved this series and this book. Ella James is amazing. Great review, D!!!!