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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Destine (The Watchers Trilogy #1) by Katherine Polillo

Right after I do this review, I am off to research the Author! I believe she is some kind of Voodoo Queen. Yes, that's what I said, Voodoo Queen. She obviously possessed me. Why you ask, well I do not read books, that go to in depth with God, bible, and the end of times. It scares me to death! Plus, I am worried it will counter react with my believes and I will judge the book on that. But this was so not the case, this time! So, I got emotionally attached to the characters, fell in love with Gabriel, let my mind get twisted by the Author.

Listen up everyone, if you love to angels..... Witt.... action..... and love stories. You better go grab this book.

For me, I will be honest. It scares the pee diddle out of me to read a apocalyptic book. When people mix bible and books together, I get very nervous. As I already stated above. But I am truly serious. When I first started reading this book. I said to myself, "Self" you are not going to read this book at night. LOL I start 9 am. But when I finished it, it was in the middle of the night. I think this Author put a curse on book. I could not stop reading it. The story flowed so well, I got lost in time.

I will tell you a bit about the story but that is it. I will not give any good deets away!

You start off in the book learning about Michelle and her best friend Cami. Best friends since kindergarten. They are now starting their senior year of high school. They both know this year will be different. But they never dreamed their year would take this turn. Michelle, has learned about her destiny. Her best friend turns against her. Oh wait, let me throw in a fallen angel, is non other than Michelle's guardian angel. Not too mention Micheal the Archangel. Now everyone better sit down for this one. The freakin Antichrist, attends the same high school as Michelle. How does that play out, you have to read the book!

Mix all these characters together, add chaos, add witt, add love, add action....You have got a day of non moving...non working....only READING. Do you want to know if Michelle and Cami work things out? Do you want to know if Michelle fulfills her destiny? Do you want to know who is bad and who is good. Read this book!!!!!

Katherine Polillp awesome job.

P.S.....Cliffhanger really! Book 2 indeed :)

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