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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Immortal Grave (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #3) by Nicole Chase

Slow your horses people and run out and grab this trilogy! Not only is this Author lovely, but her writing and story telling was great! I was so inspired by the balance of loyalty Nichole kept between the friends in this story. She built a teenager girl, into such a strong force to be reckoned with. 

Here is what you have in the story. Ree, she is the Alastriana. The last and final, and has to win the final war in order to save man kind. You have her friends which are guardian vampires - the darklings - who, lets just say are nasty stinking bad vampires! Sophie which is Ree's mentor, and I am very pleased to throw in Roland, is able to help Ree through her training to prepare for the battle to fight for the Greek Gods and remove the darklings before they destroy life for 
the humans and bring the world to an end. So that tells you there is tons of action going on. 

Let's talk about love. Oh yes, I said LOVE. One of Ree's guardians, Paden (raww) is her brother's best friend. Guess what, now he is in love with Ree. Not only that but Ree is a re-carnation of Roland's deceased girlfriend. Slap that butter on your bread and spread it people!!! However, the love triangle that usually runs story wide is not here. Ree is definitely in love with one. Though she has a minor slip up (LOL) she is true to the one she loves and wants to be with. You will never guess who is the darkling, that Ree has to battle. Nope I refuse to spill the beans! Read it, enjoy it and find out for yourself!

The best part about this trilogy was the fact that Nichole Chase spun this story so that you are constantly on edge, full of anticipation. She has you swatting tears back & laughing out loud. Just an over all great package! Please remember the awesome book cover!!!!!

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