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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Breathless By Scott Prussing

One fanged vampire, yes that is what I said. This is definitely a interesting story. I know the young generation will be devouring it! This is not your typical Vampire book, by any means! The plot is really unique and quite interesting, you have vampires and volkaanes. I love the way Scott has created a world that is more realistic because of it's flawed characters. For instance, Leesa walks with a limp. Uncle and Auntie are plump LOL. I love it!

I actually enjoyed this book. Fresh, brilliantly written. Scott has a way of describing but not so much that you do the “eye rolling” get on with it thing.

Leesa meets Rave, who is one thing. Then, Leesa meets Stefen, he’s another thing! *Do not want to spoil the book for you*. Now add that up and what do you have. One big messy triangle thing!

Now the question is about Leesa...what is she. Lets jump back to the beginning of the book. Her mother, while pregnant was bitten by a one fanged vampire. So my question again is, what is Leesa now? She has to have some mixture of blood. That “maybe” will help her with Rave. (Ooops better not give away what I am thinking. Let’s just say Rave’s lip are very dangerous). I mean one fang vampire has to have power blood yes? What will Leesa have to sacrifice in order to save her mom?! You see, you get why all this is so twisted? Because Rave can help save her mom. BUT Stefan, can save her brother. Hello, what’s a girl to do?

So you know what Scott did. He left me with a lot of questions LOL. So what does that tell you. I am going to continue his series :) Point for Scott!

My wishes, if I had a choice would be that maybe Leesa, would have looked into her brother’s disappearance sooner. Indeed, though the last few chapters were definitely filled with action. The end will leave you trying to strangle the Author. Lucky for me, all his books are published. So I can get a grip and read on. That's another thing. Author is MALE. This blows my socks off!

Seriously though, what a intriguing story, filled to the capacity with mystery, twists, suspense and questions.

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