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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Crush By C.A. Williams

My book vacation!!!!

This story came to me at the perfect time. You know how you can get burnt out alittle over time at your job. Then you finally take vacation, that totally relaxes you and you come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world again. That is exactly what this book did for me.

There is no fairy dust, no shifting to wolves, no sucking blood, no flying demons. Just simply love and a happy ever after.The story was fast, When I read the last page of it. I felt relaxed and content. There is only a couple of punches, if you will. Other than that just calm reading. The story flows precisely the way you want it too.

Blurb from the book: 17 year old Wynn Wakefield feels an instant connection to Grier Daniels after moving back to the small town in Alabama where her mom grew up to finish out her senior year. But Grier is taken by the Queen Bee of the school, Lexie Brockett, who already has their wedding all planned out after graduation to become the wife of the star quarterback and her claws instantly come out when Wynn shows up. But Wynns not looking for a fight with the mess she just escaped from, boys are the last thing on her mind.

So Thank you C.A. Williams for the perfect Book Vacation. The simplicity of this very cute and endearing story is just what "I" needed. No cliffhangers, just a beautiful love story. So my advice, if you need a Book Vacation pick this one up and read it. What you will get a happy ending, a beautiful family bond, a normal bunch of young adults having a great time, just being young adults. In the Epilogue, the Authors provides you with a glimpse of the future. What a great way to top a book off. How could you not feel refreshed after that.

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