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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sacrifice By Stacey Rourke

Let me start off by saying this series is flipping amazing!!!

Knees shaking, balled fists, heart racing, brain cramping. OMW. Stacey Rourke has out done herself once again. She has added a few more characters, that are just as great! Writing was terrific! Now there's a wedding they have to get through without chaos. Who's wedding? Nope I am not telling you!

We have things flipping from everything angle. First you fall in love with one, totally enthralled with him and ready to see where the futures goes and than BAM! Engaging more in the story, things change and in comes another Yummy! So pressing further my anger lightens and I am gradually letting myself fall for this new person. No sooner than I am starting to be a little more accepting BAM!!!! Stacey Rourke does it to me again.

Celeste is back, but is one bold powerhouse character. Afraid of nothing. Gabe is wonderful,lovely and a great protector. Awww our little Keni. I will not be able to explain the emotional roller coaster you will be on with her. Grams, wonderful, witty and full of life as ever. Mom, has been brought into this book. She is freaking lovely!!!! Remember what I said about Rowan, having a big role in this book. Well Wam Bam thank you mam!!! Rowan + book = big role! Let me introduce you to Office Python, who is he you ask? Read this series and find out! As always, this book is full of laughter once again. This book will have you feeling all kinds of emotions. Last night after my kindle died, I was so emotional I had to log on to Facebook. Thank you to Jennifer, for telling me everything will be fine *Laughing to myself*

I want to share this for sure! Everyone might want to jump over and check out the Anchor Group. I have read several books, from several different Authors, I truly they might be on to something fantastic!

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