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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pushing the Limits By: Katie McGarry

This was a very emotional but, mesmerizing contemporary story. So much strength from the characters in this book. How do you put into words a review, when a story has ripped at your soul. This book will teach you that 15 minutes of ignoring a phone, or a simple date. Will be followed with a lifetime of regret and sadness, almost possible death. This is a story, that my personal heart, will never be able to forget. I love the way McGarry, shows us that even though, life can brings dangers, heartache and sadness. If you as individual are strong enough you can overcome anything!

I love Noah and Echo, and their combine strength through therapy. Ms. Collins (therapist)helps two differently broken teenagers, which ultimately fall in love! I love how, they combine their tragic life's together, and become strength for one another.

I am trying so hard to review, but in reality I can not! To me, this book is personal and holds true life experiences. I do recommend everyone to read this book. But I do not recommend you read the book, if you can not read it with compassion or benevolence. Do not use your mind, to listen to the story. Let your heart hear what Noah and Echo are trying to tell you. Let the story touch you, as it touch me!

Wow, enough said. I am a basket case of emotions. I loved this story, but I hate that I believe it was authentic. If that makes any sense.

I am thinking of you Rachel and Brian

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