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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Destined by Jenna Pizzi

My first comment after reading the first chapter of this book was “Who the crap is Jenna Pizzi?” Ok Ok, truthfully I called her Jenny Pizza or something like that. LOL! I go to Jodie and ask her to get me some info on this author. I will however tell you, I will never forget her name now! Impact will always leave traces!!! From start to finish I was in the middle of action, love, friendship, decisions, impending battle right until the very end! Then the author smacks me with a giant cliffhanger!

When you first open the book, you are forced to look at dark cloaked creature out the window. Heaven forbid, you have to take out the trash to the dumpster. You will literally have to jump into the dumpster to get away from the freakin growling boogie man!

Lilly has tremendous choices to make! For such a young girl she has a heavy load on her to carry around. Her dreams refuse to let her sleep without waking up screaming, unless she is getting flashes of her soul mate. Lilly has human boyfriend Keith, who really loves her, however she is missing a certain connection. Lilly soon meets her Seth, who saves her from a car almost running her over. Seth is a warrior. He will protect Lilly with his own life. So now we have Keith, we have Seth.....hold on a minute people, please let me introduce Mr. Soul mate. Yes, she finds herself tangled in a triangle of emotions! The only thing these three guys have in common is their love for Lilly! One is secretly in love with her, one is her current boyfriend, oh and the one who is her soulmate, he is ******** not telling you sorry!!!

Lilly is hoping that she will be able to save one of them. Amy her best friend, who is like a sister. My question for you is...With Lilly’s life tumbling out of control, what do you think Amy will choose? To stand beside Lilly? Run as far away as she can? I refuse to give away spoilers. Oh wait I forgot to throw in Caleb, try to figure out how he plays into all this!

Once secrets start coming unraveled, she will start to question if she is a tool for the war. Allies will be forged together. We also have enemies that will start going in different directions when pushed back against the wall to choose good or evil!

This author has certainly built a world that all of us need to read about! I have looked around myself for news about this author and I am only finding this one book! If this is her actual first book? Good grief, the rest will definitely be awesome!!!

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