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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shattered Grace by K. Anne Raines

Extraordinary debut novel by Raines.

This Author is so brilliant with her words and descriptions. Look out Lauren Kate…you have big competition on the rise. Absolutely amazing!! Would it be weird of me to describe this book as being an emotional packed contemporary, slammed with paranormal?

This story is brilliantly written and unique. I have yet to read a story like it as far as Angels and Nephilim working together to protect an object of importance from falling in the wrong hands. Starting the story with the death of Grace's grandfather, poor Grace is introduced to a life she never dreamed about. Do not underestimate Grace in any way! The Author made this character to be real with high emotions and incredible strength. As the story is weaved together flawlessly, we get introduced to Mr. Holy Hotness, Quentin. *sigh*. Oh, but wait, this Author also throws in Mr. Ripe and Ready, Darius. One of the things that I did admire was that Grace had chosen who she wants and doesn't deter from him. I personally wanted it to go another way, but no matter how much I yelled, "Are you crazy? Look at him!!" Grace was headstrong and determined in her choice.

Another thing I loved about this book was the placement of anticipation. Sometimes when you are expecting the big boom, you read as though any minute the book with shatter into pieces. The not knowing when, but knowing it is coming, places you at the edge of your seat until your legs start shaking, trying to keep you upright. We also were introduced to so many wonderful characters that are a big part of this story. Each one has such important attributes of their own. One of my favorites was sweet Lux. Then there is Amanda….poor broken girl. Will she be able to handle her own battles and what important part does she have to play in this story?

This book gripped me right away and took me for a whirlwind ride. There is no cliff-hanger, however you are left with a want-hanger LOL.

If you haven't read this book. Get it read and devour it. You will laugh, cry, and love throughout the entire book. If you want to know what I mean when I say "Will hope be unbounded?" read this awesome book and find out for yourself.

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