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Monday, March 25, 2013

Pulse by H.J Daly Blog Tour

She looked into their non-existent faces and felt them smile in anticipation.

The light is fading fast and Esa must find shelter before the deviants come crawling out of the woodwork. From the moment she steps into the darkened room her life takes a terrifying turn and she is pulled away from her post apocalyptic world.

With a horde of goblins close on her heels, she enters a magical realm in search of answers. Why can she sense magic and why is a powerful sorcerer determined to end her life?

    Esa tasted the blood in her mouth and the sting across her face. Fog clung to her mind and she tried to concentrate.
    “Let’s try again. What does she look like?”
    “Me, only not as pretty.” Spitting blood from her mouth Esa managed a smirk. 
    “Now that’s the girl I remember, pity Thomas isn’t here to see this. Wonder where he’s hiding?”
    “I don’t know.” Her tone was full of bitterness as she let numerous images pop into her head. She would die here and he would never know, would never care.
    “Oh, this just gets better.” Amy broke into Esa’s thoughts. “He dumped you here with this lot, it’s a shame I don’t have time for some real fun.” The tip of the dagger glowed when she pulled it from the fire and watched the prisoners heave at their bindings. “Tell you what,” she whispered in Esa’s ear, “once I’m through here, I’ll find Thomas tell him how you begged and screamed his name before Urgath had a little fun and then I’ll have great pleasure in watching him die.” She watched the pain fill Esa’s eyes and smiled. “Now where were we … ah yes, tell me where she is.” 
    Amy grabbed Esa’s bound hand, pulling her fingers forward. She braced herself as the blade touched her skin, the heat searing her knuckles. This time only a moan escaped her lips. She was too exhausted for anything else.
    “I said where is she?”
    The blade continued down her already bloody arm. Heat rose together with the scream that had been building in her throat. The prisoners moved as one, twisting and turning as they fought with the guards as best they could. 
    Ignoring her own pain Esa watched the other prisoners as the guards started to push them back. Even bound they gave all they could and in return the guards had drawn weapons and were hacking at those closest to them. She couldn't let these people die for her, she didn't deserve it. “Stop!” the shout carried over the clearing. “Enough, I’ll tell you everything just stop this. Please.”
    “Esa no, don’t say a word, we’re not worth it,” Flo yelled as the guards continued to slash away.
    “Stop!” Amy’s shout resounded around the clearing and the guards backed off. “Is this going to be something special?” Amy’s blade rested playfully on Esa’s throat and she could smell the burning of her own skin. “This will make a nice addition to the others,” Amy continued as she swiped Esa’s hair to the side and indicated to the snaking scar twisting around her neck. “That must have been a mighty beating. You’re always in the wrong place at the wrong time, aren't you?” 

Mum of two boys, loves writing, reading. I love getting lost in books there is nothing better than feeling part of the story.

In my younger days traveled around competing in Latin American dances including Come Dancing. Had a great time.
Author - Debut novel out on 4th February 2012.
Favorite Books
Mortal instruments - Cassandra Clare. Stephanie Meyer- twilight series and Host.

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  1. Such an awesome and unique book, I loved it!

    1. I can tell by your review that you loved it! I can not wait to show the world your review tomorrow :)

  2. Thank you Derinda for allowing me to send you my excerpt and I'm glad Muzz05 liked it. :-)