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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Masquerade by: Cambria Hebert

Shhhhh do you hear that? Wait....what is that.....hello...hello....gasp! OMG, did you see something move? Holy smokes, now I FEEL like someone is watching me. That is the way this book will make you feel.

Anytime you can get so entranced by a book that it actually brings out emotion, the Author did their job. However, with this book, the Author went way beyond creating a story. She created a life that YOU feel you are actually living. She brings you goosebumps and makes you speechless.

Heven......Hate....Hope......Sam were all POVs and done so flawlessly. Hate scared the living potatoes out of me every time it spoke. I could feel the hatred through every word. The Author did an extraordinary job on keeping me baffled as to what everyone was. I am serious, up until the time he announced what he mind was racing with all these ideas. I mean at one point I had him being a fairy dog. Yes, I was inventing my own ideas.

Here is what the Author did: one minute I am reading and saying to myself Ha I know exactly what he is. Then the very next flippin’ paragraph, she places just enough doubt to make me think I was wrong.

So what this Author did was screw with my head, change paths to confuse me, and then twisted my heart to where it wanted to stop beating. Place just the right amount of fear that I couldn't go to the bathroom by myself. So how do I feel: Cambria Hebert has written a flippin’ Best Seller in my eyes!

Each character was very captivating, mysterious, and mesmerizing. This Author brought us action, supernatural elements, and a great love story. You get so sucked into this story, you start shouting get NOT trust her....kiss, KISS, what are you waiting for. Then as soon as you look up and realize everyone is staring at you with their jingle bells and rosy noses, you turn red. Now, because this Author is crazy and wrote a brilliant story, I am embarrassed. Not only did she toy with me, but then as the story comes to a close, she plants just enough information in there to bring on another set of destruction. So you have NO choice but to continue with this twisted but great story.

Oh, wait; you want me to tell you what this book is about. Here goes. I am not telling you a single stinking word. Read it, endure it, and devour it, just like I did. You will love it. Do not read any other reviews. Do not read the blub, the greatest deed you can do is jump in blinded. You will not regret it, that I promise you! This is better than a chocolate biscuit!

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