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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Light of the World by Tara Brown

“My” personal opinion Tara Brown is a breath of fresh air!

She created and twisted and put her own stamp on it!

I have read a lot of books. Seriously, I have never heard, read about or imagined the things that await you on the pages. But that is just me!

Rayne, I am just going to say the name. My mouth hanging open, sitting here picking jaw off of the floor! Tara Brown pinned us one of the most originals books ever! Every page she weaves, then she tangles it just a bit more.. I loved every attribute of each one of these characters. I didn't know rather I wanted to be sucked dry by Constine or Burned to death by Wyatt. I would take both given the opportunity LOL

Poor Rayne is thrown into a life she would of never dreamed to be in. She thought college was a tough decision. You have no idea! whew!! What do you do when you find out that you have been born before and Rayne is born for a purpose. It cannot be reincarnated to fall in love with her soul mate. NO way, nope Rayne has such a huge destiny, that will be hard to alter. Will she die trying? Well people I will tell you this much, she dies every time she sleeps! I was so enthralled with this book that I couldn't put it down. The characters are complex and rich with histories to learned. We meet Angels, Nixies, Van Helsings, Fae, Witches, and Lucifer. Each page just gives you more.

We have action, humor, love and mystery.You will slammed with questions that will get answered as the story goes along. It keeps you twisting and turning until the end... Next book? When? Date please, you will be in big trouble.. lol! I did find in a chapter or two that it seemed to jump in time, but it was minor and did not hinder the story. Great job Tara Brown! I am excited for everyone to enjoy this book, and add Tara Brown to your list of favorite Authors!!!

**The giant carrot shoved in my ass prevents me from turning around to see if him and his friends are laughing at me. Thank god it’s a big campus.**

**I fight my WTF Face**

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